1. Why does the link generate take a long time?

This is because we try to provide the download link with max speed for you so it may take a little bit longer than usual.

2. I stuck on converter step, what's wrong?

Please try to clear the cache on your browser (Ctrl + F5). Please also make sure that you turn off the AdBlock or any similar ad-blocking extension. If you still get stuck, please contact us via Contact Us with the video URL and why you had stuck.

3. What is the longest duration of the video that our services support?

Our service provides any duration video and you may take a long time while converting longer video.

4. How to get files from YouTube Videos?

After you converted the song, there is a button called "Download Now", click on it and the file will automatically be saved into your computer. Our service provides for users three tools: YouTube Downloader, YouTube Trimmer and YouTube Merger.

5. Which devices can be used with our services?

We support almost all devices except the IOS device. We are currently working on this issue.